Ex Pogues singer nicked as Sinead O'Connor turns him in out of fear for his life...

A Metropolitan Police spokesman has confirmed that ex-Pogues singer Shane McGowan was arrested on suspicion of a controlled substance after officers found him unconscious in his flat.

And according to a report in The Sun, they were tipped off by Sinead O’Connor, who, fearing for McGowan‘s life, called the police to report that she believed that McGowan was using Class A drugs.

The report in the paper quotes ‘a source’ as saying that Sinead did what she did out of genuine concern for the well being of friend McGowan.

Sinead, who recently announced that she was a ‘Priest’ and appeared photographed in full regalia, lives near Shane in Hampstead in North London.

McGowan was bailed and returns to Kentish Town police station in January to find out if charges will be brought following analysis of the substances seized.

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