Shania Twain says she has ‘confidence’ to make new album after split with husband Mutt Lange

Country singer has never made an album without Muse’s new producer

Shania Twain has said she needed to perform her residency in Las Vegas before being able to make an album without her ex-husband and producer, Mutt Lange.

Twain has made all four of her previous albums with Lange. The couple married in 1993 and separated in 2008 before finalizing their divorce in 2010. Twain announced her retirement from music in 2004, citing weakening vocal chords, before making her comeback with a Las Vegas residency that began in 2012.

Having begun work on her first album since 2002’s Up!, Twain told US chatshow Watch What Happens Live: “I needed to get over a different hill in my career without my ex-husband before tackling an album. Now that I’m through Vegas and that was a success, I built a lot of confidence.”

According to Twain’s 2012 autobiography From This Moment On, she and Lange split when he began a relationship with Twain’s best friend. Twain said on Watch What Happens Live: “I wish I’d never met her. I can’t say I’d be better off, because I think I’ve learned a lot from that. I don’t regret it.”

Lange has recently finished producing Muse’s new album Drones, which is released on June 8. Twain releases live DVD Still The One: Live From Vegas on March 23.