Sharks speak about their plans for the follow-up to ‘No Gods’

Leamington four-piece say they already 'have a vision' for their next studio LP

Sharks have spoken about their plans for their second studio album and revealed that they “have a vision” already in mind.

The Leamington band released their debut album ‘No Gods’ earlier this year and are already thinking about its follow-up, with plans already made to write and record later this year.

Speaking to NME, singer James Mattock said about their plans for the rest of the year: “We’re going to tour the UK again in November and around that time we’ll also be writing the next record, which hopefully we’ll record at the beginning of next year.”


He continued: “We’ve got a vision for the record and it’s been a long time since we actually wrote anything, so it’ll be good to work on new stuff. We don’t have a plan or manifesto, but we’re very confident in ourselves and everything we put out.”

Then asked if the band saw themselves putting out an album each year during their career, drummer Sam Lister said: “We want to be that kind of band, we want to put an album out every year. We like bands who do that, we need to do that to keep ourselves going.”

The pair also spoke about how they believe Sharks fit with the current crop of bands and say they are convinced they’re “weirdly in the middle of things”.

Lister said of this: “We don’t know where we belong. We don’t have a crowd, we’re halfway between indie and punk. At punk events, there are lots of people who think that we’re poncey, and when we’re at indie events, there’s definitely people who think we’re just for punks. We’re weirdly in the middle of things.”

Lister also spoke about the band’s festival plans and revealed that they aren’t consciously avoiding the bigger events, they just didn’t get any offers to play them.

He said of this: “We’re doing a few [festivals], a lot of the smaller ones. We didn’t avoid the bigger ones, we just didn’t get the offers. If we’d have got the offers, we’d have done them.”


You can watch the video for Sharks‘ recent single ‘Arcane Effigies’ by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking.