Sharon Horgan says Liam Gallagher loves her show ‘Motherland’

"I thought, 'What the fuck?!'"

Sharon Horgan has recalled how Liam Gallagher praised her hit comedy series Motherland when the pair crossed paths at one of his recent shows.

Co-written by Horgan, the BAFTA-winning sitcom follows a group of middle-class mums in west London as they attempt to navigate their chaotic lives and deal with primary school politics.

It stars the likes of Anna Maxwell Martin (who plays Julia), Lucy Punch (Amanda) and Diane Morgan (Liz).


During a new interview with NME, Horgan remembered receiving some unexpected love for the show while standing side-of-stage at Gallagher’s gig at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium this month.

“I went to see Liam Gallagher play and as he was coming onstage, he came over to me and said, [imitating his northern accent] “‘Motherland! Fucking genius!” she explained.

“And I thought: ‘What the fuck?!’ That was the last thing I expected. First of all, I never expect people to know me from Motherland, because I’m behind the scenes writing and secondly, I never thought Liam Gallagher would fit into its demographic.”

Horgan continued: “I always thought it would be mums in Green Park who watched it, so I absolutely fucking loved that.”

Motherland premiered on BBC Two back in 2016, and returned for its third and latest season in May 2021. It’s not yet known whether it will come back for a fourth run of episodes.


Horgan – who also co-created, co-wrote and starred in Catastrophe alongside Rob Delaney – is no stranger to the music world. She’s previously worked with The Charlatans and Metronomy, and was speaking to NME as she made her way to Glastonbury 2022.

Liam Gallagher, meanwhile, recently hinted at a future collaboration with The Stone Roses’ John Squire after the pair teamed up at the former’s two concerts at Knebworth Park earlier this month.

The former Oasis frontman released his third solo studio album, ‘C’mon You Know’, in May. In a four-star review, NME described it as “the sound of Liam with little to prove; it’s loose and relaxed…”