“He’s got so much metal in his body, it’s frightening”: Sharon Osbourne gives update on Ozzy’s health

"It's been a very, very hard road"

Sharon Osbourne has said her husband is “getting a lot better” following a spate of health issues.

The 66-year-old wife of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne said “it’s been a very, very hard road” since Ozzy was forced to postpone the second year of his two-year farewell tour in April.

Ozzy had fallen in the middle of the night and impacted metal rods that were implanted after a motorbike accident in 2003. Before that, in February, Ozzy had been hospitalised with pneumonia following a severe bout of flu.


“Ozzy, the other day, put together an X-ray of his upper chest and his neck, and no wonder they call him ‘Iron Man,’ Sharon told Jimmy Kimmel Live! ‘Because I tell you, he’s got bolts — he’s got so much metal in his body, it’s frightening.

“This thing happens to so many people,” Sharon said of his fall, “he gets up in the night, goes to the bathroom, comes back, falls on the rug and bashed his head on the side table, then he went this way and bashed his head on the post of our bed, and down he went.”

Ozzy Sharon Osbourne
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

She added that Ozzy plans to resume his ‘No More Tours II’ tour – the rescheduled dates of which have been announced – next spring.

Ozzy spoke out about his health in an interview with SiriusXM.


The former Black Sabbath frontman said: “It’s been one of the most fucked-up years of my life. I broke my neck in January, I had pneumonia, I’ve had fucking blood clots… It’s been an eventful year, to say the least. I have been in such pain this year.”

In other news, earlier this month Sharon launched an astonishing tirade against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, claiming that she wants to “physically hurt him”.

The former X Factor judge branded Mr Corbyn an “arrogant, ugly fuck” in a new interview with The Sun.

Osbourne, who is of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, hit out at Mr Corbyn amid ongoing claims that he has facilitated the rise of anti-Semitism in the Labour party.