nme.com reveals more about the background to this amazing story...

Did you not see the date? If only it were true. Mind you, even Shaun Ryder himself was confused about it for a while and rang NME to ask whether or not he’d told us about it in an altered state, and had forgotten what it was he’d said.

He rang NME & nme.com brand director Steve Sutherland and former NME editor on his mobile – and all this really IS true, we promise.

The conversation ran: “Steve, it’s Shaun. What’s all this about me joinging the fooking Beatles man? I’m getting grief off me manager. i never called you man.”

Steve: “Shaun… it’s an April Fool.”

Him: “(Long silence)… Fookin’ good one man! Fookin’ great!” (Shaun hands over the phone to his manager Simon Moran: “(V sarcastic) Nice one Steve. Very funny.”!

Well we thought so – Happy April Fool from nme.com!