The former Black Grape to star in UK flick alongside exSmiths and Stone Roses members...

Shaun Ryder, Happy Mondays singer ROWETTA former STONE ROSES guitarist AZIZ IBRAHIM and ex-SMITHS ANDY ROURKE and MIKE JOYCE are set to star in a new film titled ‘SOCIAL SOUP’.

The film script tells the tale of a group of Manchester ne-er do wells and was conceived by an unknown female write from the city.

All involved in the project are still reading scripts for the parts, but it’s believed that Aziz – now frontman in his own band – will play a gangland drugs boss.


Shaun Ryder, who’s previously appeared in the Ralph Fiennesa nd Uma Thurman starring movie ‘The Avengers’, is up for a starring role in the film but has yet to decide which part he’ll take.

A friend of Shaun’s told “Shaun’s definitely up for a part in the film, he just needs to read the script. The only trouble is that he’s been asleep every time they’ve asked him to look at it.”

Shaun’s also set to appear, along with Happy Mondays singer Nuts, in a film written two and a half years ago by his friend Tom ‘Too Nice Tom’ Bruggen, the maker of the Black Grape documentary ‘The Grape Tapes’.

‘Molly’s Idle Ways’ was scheduled to start filming in January. Explaining the plot of the film, Shaun said: “It’s a film about two girls who get fucked, who like sex, who take drugs, who smoke crack, take coke, take Es, live over a boxing gym and get fucked. “They go out and get fucked, get fucked for money, fucked for pleasure and there’s only one bit of violence in it where I get my bollocks shot off, right?”

Both ‘Molly’s Idle Ways’ and ‘Social Soup’ are yet to get UK release dates.

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