The director of Shaun Ryder's new movie project has opened up about his star and the film's 'underground' theme...

More details of the Shaun Ryder movie project Molly’s Idle Ways – first reported here last week – have been revealed by the movie’s director ‘Too Nice’ Tom Bruggen.

Bruggen, who helmed the acclaimed Black Grape documentary The Grape Tapes, told NME: “It’s based around a Salford prostitute called Molly who has sex with everyone and gets involved in this massive scam that involves the police. Everyone in it has a serious psychological flaw. It’s all pure self destruction and it all goes drastically downhill.”

Shaun’s character is Wee Red Boy, a crack addict/rent boy/voyeur, one of many dangerous characters in the movie. “In Manchester, the most dangerous characters are the ones who smile,” says Tom. “You’re just about to get into bed with them and then they stab you.”


The film includes such other characters as wannabe prostitute Vulvina, and a rogue character called Kent, played by James Mudriczki, the singer with Puressence.

“We started writing it this time last year, really,” says TNT. “Then Shaun was going into detox, so we finished the script before he went in. We filmed some of it then I came down to London to talk to somebody about making pop videos. We were in this restaurant talking about the film we had written and the people who were sitting at the next table were the people who put up the money and they said, ‘That sounds great, let’s start work’.”

Other Manchester scene celebrities will have cameo roles in the film, which has a largely non-professional cast. The cast are currently rehearsing and shooting will begin soon.

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