Black Grape's singer is involved in a new film set in Manchester's sleazy underworld...

Shaun Ryder (right)[/I] is acting in a new feature film project described as a semi-fictional trawl through the Manchester underworld.

Entitled Molly’s Idle Ways, the movie is based on the singer’s personal experiences. It includes characters such as Vulvina (a prostitute), and a rogue gangster called Kent. The latter character is played by James Mudriczki, singer with Puressence, who told NME the film “makes Trainspotting look like Larry The Lamb“.

The movie is being directed by Too Nice Tom (aka TNT) who put together the recent fly on the wall Grape Tapes documentary on Black Grape. It is understood that other Manchester pop celebrities will appear in cameo roles in the film. Shaun Ryder makes his acting debut in the soon to be screened remake of The Avengers ’60s TV series.


Meanwhile, confusion clouds reports of Black Grape’s official demise appearing on the internet this week. In an interview printed in the UK this week, Ryder claimed he would not be recording or performing under the name Black Grape again. However, his UK press agents are claiming that the band have not broken up. They concede that the band’s longterm future is at present undecided but are not prepared to commit to the finality of a split announcement.

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