The worse-for-wear frontman performs the hits in a Dublin pub...

HAPPY MONDAYS’ SHAUN RYDER took to a stage in a Dublin pub last night (August 6) – in order to belt out karaoke versions of some of the MONDAYS’ biggest hits.

The frontman, staying in the city following the Mondays‘ appearance at the Witnness Festival at Fairyhouse Racecourse on Saturday (August 5), attempted to work through a number of hits including ‘Kinky Afro’ before grinding to a clumsy halt.

The impromptu show took place in Eamonn Doran‘s pub in the city centre. An eyewitness told that Ryder was obviously drunk when he and a large entourage entered the bar late on Sunday night (August 6).

He added: “I heard this sound that was some bloke singing badly to Happy Mondays records the DJ was playing. I looked around and saw it was Shaun Ryder. He looked wasted, all over the place.”

When Ryder finished his performance, he remained by the side of the stage greeting fans and signing autographs.

The show echoed Ryder‘s shambolic performance the previous night in the Witnness More tent. Following an alleged backstage spat with Ryder, backing singer Rowetta, refused to perform. Bez too refused to appear, coming out in solidarity with Rowetta. Throughout Saturday’s set Ryder missed and slurred words provided for him by an autocue and at the end of the show announced: “That’s was our last fookin’ show ever”.