Shaun Ryder admits he has no idea what happened to him between ‘1990 and 2006’

Singer reveals he had to look through old copies of NME to find out

Shaun Ryder has admitted that he has no memory of what happened during 16 years of his life.

The Happy Mondays man, who has just released his autobiography Twisting My Melon, told The Daily Star that he has no idea what he did between 1990 and 2006 as he can’t remember a thing.

Ryder also revealed that the only way he’s been able to write about his life between those years is by looking through old copies of NME and newspapers.


He said:

The memories stop in 1990 and restart in 2006. Writing it did take a lot of time but we got it all right in the end. Of course I never wrote a diary on the road so I had to look at old copies of the NME and newspapers and sort out what was what.

He continued:

I was out of it, so had to talk to a lot of my mates who were with me at the time and ask what they remember. But the book is very truthful.

The frontman revealed that his book takes no prisoners, and said that he put in “as much as I could without the lawyers taking it out.”

Twisting My Melon was published last Thursday (September 15).