Shaun Ryder responds to Ed Sheeran’s chart domination

Shaun Ryder has responded to Ed Sheeran‘s ongoing chart domination – saying that it’s just a sign of how the industry works now.

At one point, Sheeran had a record-breaking 16 tracks in the top 20 singles chart  – while his latest album ‘÷’ has been at No.1 since release (but may be toppled by Gorillaz today).

“I’m fine with how Ed did it, I have no problems with that,” Ryder told NME. “The charts have been irrelevant for quite a long time. Kids now, they’re not willing to pay for music and movies. The only thing they seem to be willing to pay for is concert tickets. My lad thinks I’m fucking bonkers if I download anything off iTunes or go on Amazon and get a movie.”


Meanwhile, Black Grape have announced their first new album in 20 years, launching the record ‘Pop Voodoo’ with huge comeback track ‘Everything You Know Is Wrong’. Check out our exclusive interview with Shaun Ryder here.

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The Happy Mondays man is back with his comrade Kermit, and the first taster track ‘Everything You Know Is Wrong’ from the forthcoming LP is a blistering but witty and danceable attack on Donald Trump and the current state of world affairs.

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Asked why he reformed Black Grape, Ryder told NME: “The story goes back a bit. Round about 2009, just after the jungle or just before, I thought about doing Black Grape. I seemed to get a big burst of energy, obviously the Thyroxine and the testosterone, and so we did a one-off show. My manager at the time didn’t think about taking it further but I didn’t have Kermit involved. When I spoke to him I don’t think he was quite there yet, he wasn’t where I wanted him to be. I got Tom Piper in, who’s a well-known drum ’n’ bass guy, to cover Kermit’s bit and we did one show and that was it. Then we were on the 20th anniversary of the album, which was something like 2015, and I spoke to Kermit again and he was in a good place.

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“Why not? It was 20 years since that album, let’s do a few shows and go from there.”

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‘Pop Voodoo’ is out on 7 July, and Black Grape play London’s 100 Club on 11 May.




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