Watch Shawn Mendes geek out about Harry Potter during his ‘Carpool Karaoke’ appearance

He belongs in Gryffindor, obviously

Shawn Mendes is the latest artist to appear on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke series.

During his stint on the episode, Mendes revealed that he’s a huge fan of Harry Potter – even appearing in Gryffindor robes.

“On a scale of ten being crazed superfan and zero is, hate it, never seen it, where are you?” Corden asked Mendes.


“9.5,” Mendes responded. “I have a whole book at home that I wrote all the spells in and stuff.”

Corden then asks Mendes if he’s ever met any of the cast, with the singer revealing he felt starstruck when he was introduced to Emma Watson.

“So you’re like a proper superfan?” Corden asks. “No, I mean, I’m like a fan, I like it, but I’m not like crazy obsessed with it,” Mendes responds, after dressing up as Dumbledore. You can watch the Carpool Karaoke episode below.

Last month, the Canadian singer opened up on how his own personal experiences with anxiety shaped the sound of his third record.

Speaking to NME at Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend, Mendes explained how the personal track was inspired by a desire to create honesty within his music. “It’s all about honesty, man”, Mendes explained.


“It’s something that I’ve always been paying attention to with other artists. It’s why I love Ed [Sheeran] so much and why I love [John] Mayer so much. I think I’ll only continue to be more and more honest as I get older.”

“You have to start somewhere, and start the conversation about ‘This is how I feel, take it or leave it’. That’s life,” he added.