It's all gone pear shaped for Witter and co...

Shed Seven have parted company with Polydor Records after six years with the label after the band became “unhappy” over the way that their Greatest Hits compilation was handled.

“The Greatest Hits wasn’t our idea – we felt it was a few years too early – but agreed to do it on the understanding that we would release two new singles from the album,” said singer Rick Witter.

‘Disco Down’ did really well and we were all prepared to follow it up with ‘High Hopes’, the video script was approved and it was ready to go to radio, when some higher authority decided it would be a better idea to re-release ‘Going For Gold’ instead. We put our foot down and said ‘no way, we are not going to rip off our fans with old material’. In fact, most people at the label thought it was an awful idea.”


The album, it is claimed, sold 130,000 copies.

“We know the album could have sold double that, if the campaign wasn’t halted half-way through,” said Witter.

The band’s contract was already up and they had the option to record a fourth studio album for Polydor. The band were offered another contract with Polydor but say that they refused to sign because the terms were too restrictive and are currently in talks with several other labels and are working on new material at home in York.

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