INDIE OLD GUARD RISE AGAIN can reveal The Rising are planning a full UK tour in the autumn...

Ex-members of Shed Seven, Seahorses and Audioweb have teamed up to form a new band called THE RISING and are planning a full UK tour in the autumn, can reveal.

Former Shed Seven guitarist Paul Banks, Seahorses and part-time Happy Mondays bassist Stu Fletcher and Audioweb drummer Maxi have recruited Glaswegian singer David McKellar and have written an album’s worth of new material. They’re now on the verge of signing a major label deal.

Speaking to last week, Paul Banks spoke of his decision to leave Shed Seven last year, and the new direction that The Rising are taking.

He said: “I’ve never really felt part of a band until now. It (Shed Seven) wasn’t really about that. I wanted to work with people who I respected who would respect me back. That was something that was definitely lacking. Now I feel like I’m in my favourite band.”

Banks described singer David McKellar as “a star” with “the most amazing voice you’ve ever heard in your life” and said that the new material was inspired by his new post-Shed Seven life “on the breadline”.

Describing The Rising’s sound, he said “The underlying thing is the groove , but the guitars and singing are really heartfelt songs. It’s just getting back to that thing that I was into like the Roses first time round or The Charlatans. We’re bringing it up to date, we’re using loops and samples. I wanted to take it away from anything any of us have done before. I didn’t want to be Shed Eight or the Seasheds.”

You can see The Rising play their debut gigs at Glasgow King Tut’s (August 5) and Camden Monarch (7). Expect a release later this year.