SHINee drop aquatic-themed music video for new single ‘Atlantis’

The repackaged version of their seventh studio album ‘Don’t Call Me’ is out now

Two months after the successful release of their seventh studio album ‘Don’t Call Me’, K-pop boyband SHINee have returned with a repackaged version of the record.

Titled ‘Atlantis’, the extended edition features three brand-new tracks: ‘Area’, ‘Days And Years’ and the title track. The reissue dropped alongside an appropriate aquatic-inspired music video for ‘Atlantis’, which similarly features water-themed lyrics.

My love goes deep deep deep / Your ocean got deeper / The emotion got stronger / My love goes deep deep / I entrust my entire self in the waves,” they sing on the chorus.


During a livestream right before the release, SHINee revealed that Taemin, Key and Onew are all set to drop their own solo projects later this year. Taemin will be up first, with his new album due out sometime next month.

‘Don’t Call Me’ was released on February 22 and marked the K-pop act’s return after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus. The record received a mostly positive four-star review from NME, calling it a “solid album” where the “hits easily outnumber the misses and it still teeters the line of the SHINee sound”.

In an interview with SCMP, the group shared that they opted to go for music that felt right to them instead of going for a single theme on ‘Don’t Call Me’. “Some songs are quintessential SHINee songs, but there are also other songs that are things we’ve never tried before. They fit today’s genres and musical mood,” Minho explained.

Key later clarified that being experimental wasn’t the goal for the latest release. “I know that SHINee are known for being experimental and trying new things for every release, but we tried to take out the emphasis on that for this album,” he said.

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