SHINee pay tribute to Jonghyun on fourth anniversary of his death

"It’s not cold today, because you’re always by my side”

Members of SHINee have shared tributes to late bandmate Jonghyun on the fourth anniversary of his passing. Jonghyun had been the boyband’s main vocalist, before he passed away on December 18, 2017 at the age of 27.

Key took to Instagram to with an old video of himself and Jonghyun, where the pair pull funny expressions and laugh at a comic-like filter applied on the latter’s face. “[I] miss you,” he wrote in the accompanying caption.


Later that day, he uploaded a clip of snow falling on a balcony alongside the caption: “you angel you did this right?” seemingly referring to the late SHINee vocalist.

Member Minho also paid tribute to Jonghyun on Instagram, where he uploaded the last pictures they had taken together. “My photo album is full of your pictures, but these are the last photos we took together. Today is a day where I miss you even more,” wrote the idol and actor.

“Always be healthy and happy. I will always support and love you. It’s not cold today, because you’re always by my side,” Minho added.

The group’s official Twitter account had also shared an image of the late singer performing on stage. “I love you always,” read the accompanying caption.


Earlier this year, SHINee paid tribute to Jonghyun on April 8, which would have been the late singer’s 31st birthday. On the group’s official social media pages, the K-pop boyband shared a photo of the late South Korean singer, alongside hashtags of his name in English and Korean.

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