Shirley Bassey critical of women doing ‘men’s jobs’: ‘Women have periods and hormones’

"Women in my industry aren’t empowered. Never have been, never will be," says singer

Shirley Bassey has said that modern women are not empowered and claimed that she does not believe female staff should be hired to carry out traditionally male jobs.

Bassey gave her opinions on gender equality in a new interview with the Daily Mail. The singer suggested that men have always been the dominant sex and that things should stay that way.

“Women in my industry aren’t empowered. Never have been, never will be,” Bassey told the newspaper. “Think about the modern man. The gene goes so deep, it goes right back to the caveman days: man must have control. Women should not change it, because we’ve tried and we’ve emasculated men. It’s dangerous to mess with science.”


Warming up to her theme, Bassey continued: “There’s a reason why men are here. If I was flying with a female pilot, for instance, I’d be very worried. Women have periods and hormones, and that bothers me about women who want men’s jobs like firefighters, police, soldiers. I don’t believe in women soldiers! Come on, women should be women. We should be feminine.

“I’m not sad about it. We should accept it. It’s worked this way for a long time. Men went out and brought home the bacon. Women are now going a step too far, trying to be cleverer than men – or as clever. Now, the man becomes the house-husband and it’s wrong. It shouldn’t be that way.”

Bassey’s next release will be a cover of Nat King Cole’s classic ‘The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)’ in collaboration with the all-male vocal group Blake.

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