The Cure respond to 2009 Godlike Genius award

Robert Smith talks about his band's recent NME accolade

Robert Smith has spoken about The Cure been named the 2009 NME Godlike Geniuses.

In an interview posted on the NME Blog, the singer spoke ahead of picking up the honour at next year’s ceremony, to held at London Brixton Academy on February 25.

He said of the accolade: “I’ve probably gone through a curve where at one point I would have given a much more po-faced answer about the nature of genius, it’s discovering something that no one has ever discovered before and having the mental capacity to see things in an entirely different light.”

“I still deep down believe that,” he added, “but I think in music if you can create something that’s very simple that sticks with someone else and it emotionally moves them it’s genius in its own way. Few people manage to do it. Lots and lots and lots of people try but very few people manage to do it.”

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