A shop in York is banning all cheesy Christmas music to stop their staff going “stir crazy”

"There’s a cut-off in the 1960s. Anything after that has been banned."

A gin shop in York has banned all Christmas music recorded after the 1960s, declaring they want their store to be a “cheese-free zone” for the sake of their staff.

York Gin will not be playing so-called classics by Mariah Carey, Wham!, Slade or Live Aid, in favour of vintage songs, classical music and Christmas carols.

“We’ve tested lots of songs to see which sound OK and which sound weird. And there’s a cut-off in the 1960s. Anything after that has been banned,” Emma Godivala, co-director of York Gin told York Press.


She says her team “are happy with the decision – they say lots of other shop staff are already going stir crazy with the same Christmas hits being played on a loop.”

Mariah Carey, meanwhile, revealed last year that she won’t play the festive track herself until after Thanksgiving.

“I have this rule where I try to get through Thanksgiving. I don’t like when people rush it because once I start I don’t stop until after New Year,” she told Jimmy Kimmel.

Recent reports have suggested that Mariah makes upwards of  £376,000 from ‘All I Want For Christmas’ per year.


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