The shouting man from viral Edinburgh nightclub photo reveals what was really going on

"I just wasn't having it"

A pair of nightclubbers who were catapulted to online fame have explained exactly what was happening in a photo that captured the man shouting in the disinterested woman’s ear.

Schoolfriends Patrick Ritchie and Lucia Gorman were pictured at Milk Tuesdays at Edinburgh’s Bourbon nightclub, with the snap being shared thousands of times across social media.

Users soon began speculating as to what was being said in the photo – and added their own possible conversations.

“Am not a weirdo ah actual play for Motherwell”, one user suggested. Another made it into a dull chat about the merits of Arctic Monkeys’ latest album ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’.

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But Ritchie and Gorman have now spoken out – and explained the story behind their poses.

“I just wasn’t having it, I needed to go home”, Lucia told Capital FM. “Patrick always talks rubbish anyway so it could have been anything.”

Patrick added: “It’s weird, my cousin told me it made it onto some Facebook page in Australia which is mental

“[Lucia] was one of my pals from school so she was probably fed up – she looks it as well. We get on she’s good fun.

“I’m so surprised because it was just quite standard, what’s the big deal.”

As well as the popularity of the original meme, users began combining it with other internet staples – such as the “distracted boyfriend”.

Bourbon Nightclub is yet to respond.