Sky Ferreira plays intimate special gig in Oxford Circus H&M

250 music fans go shopping after hours as part of NME Showcases with H&M Loves Music

Sky Ferreira last night played a unique one-off show inside the flagship Oxford Circus store of clothes store H&M, to an invited crowd of 250 fans, as part of NME Showcases brought to you by H&M Loves Music.

In the specially converted fitting rooms, for the night transformed into a neon boudoir, Ferreira performed a full set with her band, made up of tracks from her two EPs ‘As If’ and ‘Ghost’ and her forthcoming debut album, ‘I Will’. The show marked the climax of a special series of events in H&M stores around the country, previously including special showcases by Tribes in Manchester and Carl Barat in Glasgow.

Coming on stage shortly after 9pm, Ferreira laughed that she could touch the ceiling in the intimate space, before launching into ‘Lost’. Fingering the giant ‘FITTING ROOM’ sign hung above the low stage ceiling, she commented that the show was “pretty far out”, before running through an ecstatically received ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’.

After the show, Ferreira opened gifts and trinkets delivered by enthusiastic fans outside, and commented that for her, “music and fashion are one and the same. They’re both forms of expression that I value very much.”

Sky Ferreira played:

‘Ain’t Your Right’
’24 Hours’
‘Love Stereo’
‘Sad Dream’
‘You’re Not The One’
‘On Top’
‘I Will’
‘Everything Is Embarrassing’