A lawyer has raised the possibilty that it was Puffy rather than Shyne who fired the shot that injured three in a New York nightclub...

A lawyer for rapper JAMAL ‘SHYNE’ BARROW has provided a glimpse of how dirty the proceedings may get in the ‘PUFF DADDY’ trial by raising the possibility that it was PUFFY rather than SHYNE who fired the shot that injured three in a NEW YORK nightclub.

In his opening statement in Manhattan Superior Court on Monday (January 29), prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos had stated how he would establish that Shyne fired into the crowd, injuring three, at least partly through ricochets and fragments. He also accused Puffy of firing a shot into the nightclub ceiling at the same time.

During yesterday’s hearing (January 30), Shyne’s lawyer Murray Richman claimed the revelation took him by surprise.

“Yesterday, for the first time, I heard that Mr. Combs is charged with firing a gun,” he said. “Does [Bogdanos] have any knowledge as to what happened to the slug? The crime my client is charged with deals with fragments or ricochets.”

It was the first time any of the lawyers for the accused have attempted to shift blame for any of the crimes from their clients to the co-defendants.

Neither lawyers for Puffy nor third defendant Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones were in court yesterday. The all-day hearing dealt with the reality of a witness due to testify against Shyne.

The trial proper continues today (January 30).