The young rapper, who is facing a long jail sentence, claims his former pal "was just there to save himself"...

JAMAL ‘SHYNE’ BARROW, convicted in the SEAN ‘PUFFY’ ‘COMBS shooting trial, has launched a withering attack on PUFFY in the aftermath of the verdict, labelling his former mentor a liar.

Speaking for the first time about the trial which saw the young rapper convicted while Puffy walked free, Shyne, currently in jail awaiting sentencing, told New York’s Village Voice that Puffy “was just there to save himself”.

In the interview, Shyne said he was left stunned by what he alleged is the false testimony given by Puffy suggesting that the pair weren’t close, and that they hadn’t intended to meet up in Club New York on the night of the shooting (December 23, 1999).


Shyne said: “There are no boundaries to what he would do to exonerate himself. I had the Bible in front of me, and I was just praying that he wouldn’t continue to lie.”

Combs immediately responded to the claims in a statement released yesterday (March 21).

“I want to make it clear… that I was found innocent of all charges because I am innocent. It is absolutely ridiculous for anyone to blame me for anyone else’s actions,” he said.

Shyne, who admitted firing a shot into the ceiling of the club, was found guilty last Friday (March 16) on two counts of assault, one of reckless endangerment and one criminal possession of a weapon. He will be sentenced on April 16, and faces a maximum of 25 years in prison.

Shyne also poured scorn on the suggestion that Puffy and Bad Boy Recordings helped to foot his legal bill.

He stated: “Honestly, he never really did anything to help me after the shooting. As soon as we were indicted, he wanted to keep me away from him.”


The other co-accused in the trail, Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones, like Puffy acquitted on all charges, has also pitched into the argument.

Shyne is like my little brother, I do not agree with what he has said,” he said in a statement. “Throughout the case Puff was supportive of both of us and generously helped us with our legal bills. I was right by Puff‘s side all evening and everything he has said about what happened was completely true. I’m upset for Shyne, but it’s crazy to think that Puff could be responsible for anyone else’s actions.”

“I am deeply saddened about Shyne‘s conviction,” Combs added in his statement. “I believe that Shyne had no intention of hurting anyone. My own victory is bittersweet because of what happened to Shyne and the victims.”