The star decides to take on a "more responsible" approach as he prepares to face trial on attempted murder charges...

Rapper SHYNE, real name JAMAL BARROW, about to go to trial on alleged attempted murder charges in NEW YORK, has told reporters his new album will take a “more responsible” approach than his self-titled debut, leaving behind violent lyrics to deal instead with societal problems and urging young fans to avoid crime.

His remarks, delivered on Friday (January 12) outside the Manhattan courtroom where he faced pre-trial hearings and to where he’ll return for the trial proper on Wednesday (January 18), come just days after prosecution lawyers declared their intent to cross-examine him on the lyrics from his previous album to decide whether or not they prove intent with regards to carrying out the nightclub shooting.

Shyne is standing trial with his friend and label boss Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs, who is being charged with illegal possession of the handgun said to have been used in the shooting at Club New York on December 27 1999.

During his speech to waiting journalists Shyne said: “It’s gonna be a lot of political stuff, social issues. I gave kind of a reckless perspective last time. This time around, I wanna give a more responsible perspective, blaming the people who really cause the problem which they say I cause, which they say the young black man causes.”

According to [url=], he went on: “Hip hop is not responsible for violence in America. America is responsible for violence in America.”

Shyne is accused of shooting three people in the nightclub attack. Combs’ charge of illegal possession of a handgun relates to a weapon found on the floor of a Lincoln Navigator people carrier, in which he was stopped by the police as he fled the scene. He and his bodyguard, Anthony Jones, also present in the vehicle, are also charged with attempting to bribe the driver, Wardel Fenderson, with $50,000 to tell police the gun belonged to him.