The witness maintains it wasn't clear if the rapper fired his weapon...

JAMAL ‘SHYNE’ BARROW pulled his gun in reaction to another weapon being fired, a witness testified in court on Friday (March 2) in the “PUFF DADDY nightclub shooting” trial.

David Cubiletti said shots first came from someone standing next to Matthew ‘Scar’ Allen (previously identified as the man who threw a wad of cash at Puffy, prompting a fight). He said Shyne then then drew his gun and pointed it toward the nightclub ceiling. He maintained, under cross-examination from Prosecutor Matthew Bogdanos, that it wasn’t clear if Shyne had fired.

Court observers now feel Shyne’s defence team are on a damage limitation exercise. It appears they are focused on clearing the rapper of the most serious charges against him, those of attempted murder and assault. Charges of reckless endangerment and weapons possession will remain.


The prosecution contends that on December 27, 1999, Barrow fired a weapon into a crowd of patrons, striking three while Combs pumped a single bullet into the ceiling.

During his own highly-charged time in the witness box last week, Puffy denied carrying a gun on the night in question, a testimony supported by a phalanx of defence witnesses.

The first day of Shyne’s witness testimony also saw Bogdanos surprise an emptier than usual courtroom with the news that he wants to take the jury to Club New York, the scene of the shooting.

According to [url=]www.courttv.com, Bogdanos revealed his plans after a juror asked a court officer if panellists could visit the scene. When Judge Solomon told lawyers he would tell the entire jury to stay clear of locations mentioned during the trial, Bogdanos admitted, “I’m going to be moving for a visit to the scene.”

Solomon admitted being taken aback by the request. Only he could OK such a visit. And one of Combs co-counsel, Ben Brafman, seemed reluctant to accommodate the day out, noting that the club interior had been been renovated since the shooting over 14 months ago.

The trial enters its sixth week today (March 5).