Puffy's protege is alleged to have injured a man in a car crash...

Convicted rapper JAMAL ‘SHYNE’ BARROW has been hit with a $5million lawsuit for injuries he is alleged to have caused a man in a car accident.

Shyne, who was found guilty two months ago of assault, gun possession and reckless endangerment for his part in a 1999 nightclub shooting, is being sued by Mark MacKenzie, who was injured when his Jeep was hit by Shyne‘s Mercedes in New York on January 21 this year.

MacKenzie suffered a serious head injury and required surgery as a result of the accident. In his claim he says Shyne ran a set of red lights and caused the smash.


However, it is unclear just how far the action will go. It emerged shortly after the accident, which occurred just as his court case was kicking off, that it was MacKenzie who ran the light. Shyne was cautioned for driving without a licence, but not with any more serious charges.

Meanwhile, Shyne will be sentenced for his part in the nightclub shooting on June 1.