Julius Jones reckons it was Shyne who fired the bullet which struck him in the arm...

A second prosecution witness has testified that he saw SEAN ‘PUFFY’ COMBS carrying a gun just before shots were fired in a NEW YORK nightclub, injuring three.

Julius Jones, shot in the arm during the shooting, also told the jury at New York Supreme court yesterday (February 7) that though he saw Puffy holding a weapon he thought it was Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow who fired the gun.

His testimony, on day eight of the trial, echoed that of Natania Reuben on Monday (February 6). Reuben, who was shot in the face, testified that not only did she see Puffy hold a gun, but said that the rap impresario fired it.


“I couldn’t believe it,” Julius Jones said. “[I said] what the fuck? Damn! … I was ready to fucking run, but it was too crowded. I turned to the right, and I saw Shyne Barrow with a gun.”

Jones also testified that he heard the men with whom Puffy and Shyne are said to have argued with, starting a spat that led to the shooting, threatening the pair.

According to Jones, one of them shouted, “I’m gonna kill you, motherfucker, I’m gonna fucking kill you.” The man singled out as the ringleader in the bunch, Matthew ‘Scar’ Allen, is set to testify within the coming days.

As in previous days, after hearing the testimony the defence, lawyers set about discrediting the witnesses.

Yesterday, under cross-examination from Shyne’s lawyer, Murray Richman, Jones acknowledged that in the hospital immediately after the incident, he told police only that he had seen Shyne and Combs with guns, without adding that Shyne fired. He also admitted that he had been smoking marijuana before coming to the club and having two drinks while he was there.

Earlier yesterday, in a move attacked by defence, the prosecution surprisingly called Dr. John Perrotti, the ER doctor who treated both Julius Jones and Reuben immediately after the shooting.


According to

[url=], he said that Reuben, who had bullet fragments removed from her throat and head, “blurted” out : “I was shot by Puffy”. He added, “She was very anxious, very nervous.”

Defense teams failed in their bid to have the testimony struck from the records, as they were not told in advance the content of Perotti’s testimony. Judge Solomons rejected the move, ruling that the prosecution were under no obligation to do so.

Puffy and his bodyguard Anthony ‘Wolf’ Jones are being tried on weapons and bribery charges relating to the shooting at Club New York during the early hours of December 27 1999. Shyne faces charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault.