The rapper also apologises to gunshot victims...

Rapper JAMAL ‘SHYNE’ BARROW, due to have been sentenced today (April 16) for his part in a NEW YORK nightclub shooting, has had the sentencing pushed back until June 1.

The rapper was in New York Supreme Court this afternoon, having been brought from jail on Rikers Island, to hear Judge Charles Solomon put the date back. He will sentenced on charges of assault, reckless endangerment and gun possession. His legal team had sought the extra time to prepare paperwork related to the sentencing and also to prepare a motion to have some of the charges dismissed.

He was convicted last month of shooting two people in Club New York on December 27, 1999. His former friend and guide Puff Daddy (who now prefers to be known as P Diddy) was aquitted on charges related to the incident.


Shyne released a statement today apologising to those injured in the shooting, but stopped short of admitting responsibility.

“I apologise to the victims; I didn’t cause your pain but you can place your blame on my shoulders”, he said. “I apologise to all those who cry for me. All those who believe in me. All those who believe me when I say all I tried to do was defend myself. And finally I apologise to my generation for not being there to lead you. Not being there to help you – help you escape da harsh realities I sung about which you face everyday. I apologize. I thank God for life and hope. Hope I find in all of you who continue to support me and all of you who continue to believe in me and believe me. God bless you all.”

His spiritual adviser, minister Conrad Muhammad, also said today that he hoped to hold a support rally for Shyne in the near future with as yet un-named hip hop artists.