Danny Dyer to play Sid Vicious in a play about Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain

However the actor thinks the Sex Pistols bassist was 'talentless'

Danny Dyer has labelled Sid Vicious “talentless” ahead of playing the Sex Pistols bassist in a new play about him and Kurt Cobain.

Speaking after a rehearsal for ‘Kurt And Sid’, Dyer said he finds it difficult to fathom exactly why Vicious has become so revered among fans.

“What could Sid do? Jump around and cut himself? He became the biggest thing in the Pistols. People would come just to see him, but why? What was it about this guy? He was talentless really,” Dyer said.

He added that as a character, Vicious was difficult to portray in the play, reports BBC News.

“He’s not like Kurt. Kurt was a twisted genius, a great songwriter, brilliant with a guitar.”

The play, by Roy Smiles, sees Vicious appear before Cobain moments before the Nirvana singer takes his own life in his Seattle home.

“It’s these two tortured souls in a room together, that’s why it’s such a mad idea,” Dyer said of the production. “These two people that would have never met, two totally different generations, two people that died before they should have, in a room having it out with each other.”

Dyer went on to criticise Gary Oldman‘s portrayal of Vicious in Alex Cox‘s 1986 film ‘Sid And Nancy’, saying: “I don’t like what Oldman did with him, I think he played him like an idiot and I don’t think that’s fair.”

‘Kurt And Sid’ runs at London‘s Trafalgar Studios 2 from September 9 to October 3.