Sigrid will be “in the studio for the next few months” working on new songs

"I've got new music to make!"

Sigrid has revealed she is returning to the studio to record new music.

Posting on Twitter, the Norwegian pop artist informed fans that she would be “in the studio for the next few months” working on new music – presumably a follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Sucker Punch’. See the tweet below.


Needless to say, fans were extremely pleased by the news that new Sigrid songs are on the horizon.

Last summer (June 29) Sigrid reached out to find a fan who had cried during her Glastonbury performance.

Following an appeal put out on Twitter by the artist, 13-year-old Nina was found. Nina and her “cool dad” were subsequently invited to meet Sigrid and watch her perform at that year’s Latitude Festival.

“The biggest legend of them all,” the singer’s tweet read, referring to the young fan. “I didn’t get to meet you, but you were ON FIRE throughout the whole show. thank you so much, I think you inspired everyone to sing along and you definitely made us very happy. and your dad!!!! what a cool dad!”


In a four-star review of Sigrid’s debut album, NME said: “‘Sucker Punch’ doesn’t feel like a meticulously choreographed and cunning plot to make Sigrid a International Pop Superstar. These songs may well do that all on its own, and its certainly a marvellous cap on a two-year campaign that did just about everything right – but it’s also more than that.

“‘Sucker Punch’ is the story of a young adult whose tales of friendship, love and more aren’t just relatable because they’re supposed to be – they simply are.”

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