Sigur Ros: ‘Eurovision Song Contest inspired new single’

Icelanders reveal inspiration behind new single

If it hadn’t been for the Eurovision Song Contest, Sigur Ros may never have written new single ‘Gobbledigook’.

The track was the first to be taken from the band’s recent new album, ‘Meo Suo I Eyrum Vio Spilum Endalaust’.

“We were in a rented farmhouse, it was a long evening, we watched the whole contest,” singer Jonsi Birgisson told The Sun‘s Something For The Weekend of the inspiration for the track. “Afterwards our brains were so fried we had to write ‘Gobbledigook“.

Speaking about the album, which was completed in May and released in June, Birgisson stressed how happy the band were to have completed and delivered it quickly.

“When you release an album the usual way, you have to wait sometimes more than a year before it is finally released,” the singer noted. “It’s always going to be an anti-climax… With this being spontaneous and quick, it was much more exciting.”