The band reveal all about their forthcoming LP…

Sigur Ros have spoken to NME.COM about their fourth album ‘TAKK…’, due out on September 12.

Recorded in a their converted swimming pool studio over the past year, singer/guitarist Jonsi Thor Birgisson described the album as “a bit more happy, with a bit more hope in it,” than its 2002 predecessor ‘( )’.

He also revealed how the record – which includes more conventional songs, is made up of a series of adventures.

“The lyrics are small adventures, maybe like children’s stories or something,” he explained. “I think the songs are quite simple and naïve and they have a central character to them.”

He added: “There’s one called ‘Glosoli’, and he wakes up and everything is dark outside and he can’t see any light. He thinks that the sun is gone and somebody has taken it from the sky, so he makes a journey to look for the sun. He finds it in the end.”