The group move from a swimming pool in their native Iceland...

Sigur Ros are planning to finish work on the follow-up to their >strong>’AGAETIS BYRJUN’ album in ENGLAND.

As previously reported, the band have been working on their new album since the start of the year at a converted swimming pool complex in their native Iceland.

Now, the band plan to come to the UK to put the finishing touches to the record, which is due later this year.

“We have done the drums, the bass, my guitar and the strings,” singer Jon Thor Birgisson told www.smekkleysa.net. “What we have still to do is Kjartan’s guitar and organ parts and then all vocals. We have a month to do all that as we have booked a studio in England to mix the album. We booked Peter Gabriel’s Real World studio in Bath from the 15th of June.

“The main difference is that this time the production will be less polished. The sound will be much more bare and alive. And far fewer little slick things and much less sweet stuff. I think playing the songs a lot at concerts and then recording them hasn’t been a very thrilling experience for us. I think next time we’ll record the songs as we make them (to) try to keep them fresh for us.”