Sigur Ros to release concert movie

They tell NME.COM there's a 'new' album as well

Sigur Ros are to release a concert film shot in their native Iceland last summer.

‘Heima’, out on November 5, was filmed in various locations, and features some of the band’s biggest and smallest shows of their career.

Drummer Orri Páll Dýrason told NME.COM: “It was good to film it in our home country, sometimes we were playing these big show and then we were playing in those really small fields, which was beautiful.


“It was fun doing those, shows, especially in front of our friends. Really nice.”

A trailer for the film can be seen [url=]here (windows) or [url=]here (quick time).

On the same day a compilation album, titled ‘Hvarf-Heim’, will also be released. Split into two sections, the first, ‘Hvarf’, features three unreleased tracks from the band’s works, and a fourth, ‘Von’, which is a radically reworked track from the band’s first album.

Dýrason said: “We are having a clear out, really! One of the songs even dates back to 1994!

“We picked the ones we really like. It’s not like a normal album. There are a lot of good songs on there, but they didn’t fit when it came to putting the albums together.”

The tracklisting is:




‘I Gaer’


‘Heim’ is made up of six acoustic versions of songs taken from Sigur Ros‘ four studio albums to date.

The tracklisting is:




‘Agaetis Byrjun’




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