Sigur Rós have been cleared of tax evasion

Roughly £5.7 million worth of the band's assets were frozen

Sigur Rós have been cleared of tax evasion after all three members were investigated by the Directorate of Tax Investigations in Iceland.

According to The Reykjavík Grapevine, 800 million Icelandic krónur (roughly £5.7million) worth of the band’s assets were frozen. These assets included “thirteen properties, two motorcycles, two cars, six bank accounts and shares in three companies for a total value of 638 million ISK”

The band has now already paid back their tax debt.

A representative for the band released the following statement:

Sigur Rós have nothing to hide and have fully complied relevant information to the director of tax investigations (SRS) to resolve any and all issues. The band had an accounting relationship with PwC [PricewaterhouseCoopers] in Iceland from the beginning of their career until 2012, when they followed their long-standing accountant to his new venture Ryni Endurskodun.

Late in 2014 the band were alerted that they had not filed correct tax returns for some years during the period 2010-2014. Part of the tax returns during that period were not filed correctly and that is not disputed by the band. This notification from the SRS [Directorate of Tax Investigations] was a surprise to the band as its members were all along in good faith that their tax returns were being submitted correctly by the accountant handling their affairs. This was disappointing to Sigur Rós and its members as they have from the beginning emphasized that their tax returns ought to be filed correctly in Iceland.

The band moved to accountancy firm, Virtus, at the start of 2015 to begin the process of getting their tax returns into correct form in accordance with the law. The band understand the SRS’s need to do their job, but would have preferred something less heavy-handed than the asset freeze. Especially because the bands members have from the start of the investigation co-operated fully with the directorate, submitted all information requested by the authorities and there was no need to freeze the assets of the members of Sigur Rós. This is in accordance with the opinion of the lawyers of Sigur Rós at LOGOS legal services.

Meanwhile, Sigur Ros‘ songs for the Black Mirror soundtrack are coming to vinyl. The band shared two new songs written for the soundtrack to Black Mirror‘s acclaimed ‘Hang The DJ’ episode.

The episode, which tells the story of a dystopian real-life dating app, has become a firm favourite among fans – for its riveting plot as well as arresting soundtrack.

The music was put together Alex Somers (who frequently collaborates with Sigur Ros frontman, Jónsi) and features two new tracks from the Icelandic post-rock veterans with ‘Match’ and ‘End’. With all the band’s usual ethereal wizardry, they make for the perfect cinematic backing.

Pitchfork reports that Somers’ soundtrack, including the Sigur Rós collaborations, will soon be released on vinyl by Invada Records. A release date is not currently known, but more details are expected to follow.