500 students protesting against the suspension of colleagues for non-payment of fees ordered to move...

Student protesters at Goldsmith’s College who staged a sit-in after eight colleagues were suspended for non-payment of fees, have been ordered to leave the Whitehead Building which they have occupied this week.

The college authorities were granted a posession order in a closed High Court hearing today.

Student leaders are hopeful that the protest can end before police are called in to remove the demonstrators.


The 500 students are amongst the first to stage an action of this kind in support of the right to free education. On Wednesday, Silver Sun played a free gig at the college and MP Ken Livingstone has been vocal in his support.

Despite the rhetoric about free education, bands like the Manics and Blur have been conspicuous by their absence: has this just become last year’s cause? Or is this the spark that will light up protests around the country? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst…