Bands play for students at Goldsmith's sit-in...

Silver Sun and Jolt came out in support for the illegal student occupation of London’s Goldsmith’s College last night (March 3).

The bands played acoustic sets at the college’s Whitehead building where 400 students set up camp on February 26 in protest against the expulsion of students unable to pay their ‘1,000 tuition fees.

Silver Sun frontman James Broad told NME: “I was really excited to come here, I really felt glad to be part of something and really help. Even just doing this makes more people aware of the situation.”


The protesting students want Goldsmith’s to withdraw letters of termination sent to those unable to pay their fees. They’re also calling for a nationwide student campaign of campus occupations to protest against the tuition fee system which came into force last year.

Goldsmiths College has now gone to London’s High Court seeking a possession order of the Whitehead building.

If you are a student opposed to fees, what are you doing, if anything to lend your support? Are there any plans to hold similar protests at your college or university campus? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!