Simian member reveals new project

Lord Skywave lines up debut album

Former Simian and Black Ghosts member Simon Lord has revealed his new solo project, Lord Skywave.

Lord, the former bandmate of Klaxons and Arctic Monkeys producer James Ford, has named his new project after the analogue synthesiser his father invented in the 70s.

In fact, all of the synth sounds on Lord‘s self-titled album were created with the instrument, of which only ten were built.

Four songs on the album also contain recordings of Lord‘s grandmother, Madeleine Dring, which were taken from old ’78s and reel-to-reels.

The album is released on June 9, and contains the following tracks:

‘My Name Is Lord Skywave’

‘Slow Movement (From Trio For Oboe, Piano And Flute)’

‘Idyll (Just Like)’

‘Back Into The Garden’


‘I Am A Dead Man’

‘Dialogues (From Trio For Oboe, Bassoon And Piano)’

‘Half Forgotten (Keep The Best Bits)’


‘Maybe I Need To’