Simian Mobile Disco ‘faced opposition’ for ‘Cruel Intentions’ video

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Simian Mobile Disco‘s James Ford has spoken about the struggle the band had to go through to get their 20-minute video for new single ‘Cruel Intentions’ (which features Gossip‘s Beth Ditto on vocals) made.

The shortened version of the film, directed by Klaxons, Janet Jackson and Cheryl Cole collaborator Saam Farahmand, can be watched on the right.

Ford told NME.COM that he struggled to get the video green-lit because it verged away from the traditional way of making music videos.

“We had quite a lot of opposition to it because it doesn’t really work with a traditional music format,” he explained. “It’s useless as a marketing tool in that respect. We wanted to do something that stood up in its own right. It wasn’t another pointless video.”

Speaking about the concept of the short film he added: “His [Farahmand‘s] idea was to make something related to the song ‘Cruel Intentions’‘ title. We let him get on with it and do what he wanted. He had this amazing dark idea of this sort of strange power-game. It kind of had hints of David Lynch or JG Ballard.”

Ford said he was so pleased with the film he’d like to take it further – and see if it’s good enough to pick up some awards.

“We struggled hard with budgets and stuff,” he said. “It wasn’t that easy to do in that respect, we’re really proud of it to the point where hopefully there will be talk of entering it into short film competitions.”

The ‘Cruel Intentions’ single is released on January 4, 2010.