Simon Cowell reveals that he once hijacked a bus with a toy gun

He spent a short time in a cell when he was 12

Simon Cowell has revealed that he once spent a short time in a jail cell after hijacking a bus with a toy gun when he was 12.

The X Factor judge appeared on This Morning on Friday when he told Alison Hammond that he used a toy pistol to get a free ride from Radlett, near St Albans, to Watford.

Cowell said: “I put a gun – I shouldn’t even be saying this – it was a pretend gun and we said to the bus driver ‘take us to Watford!’. He literally did not stop from Radlett to Watford.”

“I was there with [X Factor contestants] Rak-Su the other day and I told them the story, saying: ‘The last time I went to bloody Watford, I was thrown in jail’.”

Cowell had previously spoken to the Watford Observer about the incident in 2011, saying: “We were thrown in these cells and eventually this policeman came in and said, ‘where did you get the guns?’ And I said, ‘a toy shop, they’re pea guns.’”

“My mum and dad came in and my mum was actually worse than the police… she was furious with me,” he added.

Simon Cowell

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell recently spoke out about the sex abuse scandals taking place in Hollywood, admitting that the music industry is not a “very nice business”.

Last month, Cowell missed an X Factor live show after falling down the stairs.