“I am Simon Cowell” – watch Dave Grohl test ‘repeat offender’ fan’s skills on stage

"I'm gonna test your ass right now"

As Foo Fighters‘ high interaction world tour continues, this weekend saw frontman Dave Grohl invite yet another fan on stage – but this time it was a “repeat offender”. See footage and photos below.

During an eventful run of shows that have seen the band go viral after inviting a fast-shredding KISS fan on stage, display some impressive beer-chugging skills, and even duet with John Travolta, this weekend saw the band reunite with another somewhat familiar face.

At the point where Grohl usually picks a random fan to perform with them, this time at the Georgia State Stadium saw Grohl notice hardcore Foos fan Pierce Tracy Edge in the crowd – who delivered an impressive performance with the band last year. For the first time ever, Grohl invited a fan up for the second time, and was somewhat taken aback by the fact that he was even dressed the same.


“I never had a repeat offender at a Foo Fighters show, but tonight, this crazy motherfucker Pierce is back,” Grohl told the crowd. “I’m not calling you up yet Pierce. First of all you’re wearing, that’s the same fuckin’ shirt you wore last time isn’t it? That’s fucked up. Pierce, ladies and gentlemen, you wanna come up and do a song with Foo Fighters? Get your ass up here Pierce.

“He’s a repeat offender, repeat offender! It’s gotta happen, this is the first time we’ve had the same kid twice in a year. Ladies and gentlemen, the kid with the same shirt that I wore to the 1996 MTV Awards, this is Pierce ladies and gentlemen! Hold on a second, he just said he brought five different signs for five different songs.”

Upping Pierce’s game, Grohl then sets up the challenge of choosing a more difficult song. Unfazed, he opts for the faster version of their debut album classic ‘Big Me’.

Grohl continued: “I should be able to pick this song motherfucker. You know this is my fuckin’ show, right? Are you cool with that? Are you sure you’re cool with that? Pierce get on the drums right now. Ladies and gentlemen this is a repeat offender, this is Pierce!

“I’m gonna throw him a fuckin curveball right, this is like America’s Got Talent, I’m going to throw him a fuckin’ curveball, and I am Simon Cowell like a motherfucker right now. Pierce, get on the drums. Don’t make it any longer than it should be, okay, we’ve got a curfew. Silly ass shirt. Pierce, I’m gonna test your ass right now.”


Foo Fighters will be returning to the UK and Europe for a string of tour dates kicking off in June. Tickets are available here.

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Posted by Foo Fighters on Monday, December 4, 2017

Joining the band on their run of huge stadium shows in support of their acclaimed latest album ‘Concrete And Gold‘, Dave Grohl and co will be joined by the likes of Wolf AliceThe KillsSlavesFrank Carter & The RattlesnakesThe Cribs and GOAT.