Plus - the bloke who called Huckers "wanker", Elton causes new fear for 'Hear'say and a dinosaur egg miracle...

Mick Hucknall’s been in a fight.

But it wasn’t really a fight. According to The Sun (September 27), Mick, who is ginger but is a multi-trillionaire who has slept with most of the women in the world because he is full of love and can do a Mexican wave-type thing with his stomach muscles, a real treat at parties, was accosted at party by DJ Alex P. DJ Alex P was annoyed because Mick had ignored him at a different party some time before. “You’re a wanker. I hate you,” shouted angry DJ Alex P. “You blanked me a party the other week and the next time I see you I’m going to get you.” “I don’t know who you are,” shouted ginger Mick Hucknall, loverman. The messy row collapsed into near bedlam at that point with neither man saying anything more and neither fighting. Tabloid Hell has learned that DJ Alex P, a DJ, became enraged because he had repeatedly asked Hucknall, who in the past has been known to flagrantly wear no socks but wear a big coat indicating a chill in the air, to do “the thing with your stomach.”

“Hucknall’s all la-de-da and Mr high-and-mighty and all look-at-me-with-no-socks, but when a fan such as DJ Alex P approaches him and asks for a quick roll of the stomach muscles – which incidentally is bloody hilarious, have you seen it? – he ignores them. “It’s just typical. He makes a career out of that stomach roll and then when a fan who has put him where he is asks to see it he pretends not to know,” a man told Tabloid Hell.


Elsewhere in The Sun, Elton John takes aim at Hear’Say. “They’re the ugliest band I’ve seen,” says Sir Elton. The remark is sure to send the band into the mire. As revealed yesterday byTabloid Hell, Noel from Hear’Say, the band’s drummer and astrologer, is already living in fear of covert intelligence guru and Mujahideen expert H from Steps. H was set to step in and act as intermediary in a battle with ‘Popstars’ who are not yet pop stars and might never be pop stars but will still release singles, Liberty. He was withdrawn when Liberty offered an olive branch themselves. “Fucking hell, he’s bricking it now. Liberty were one thing but Elton John… he’s serious,” a man toldTabloid Hell. “Noel from Hear’Say has gone home for a while. Management are seriously considering wheeling out Myleene.”

The Mirror’s Ever Vigilant 3am today reveal the incredible shrinking woman, Hairy Gelliwell was spotted in London’s Ivy, restaurant where she eats often. They have some front.

Finally, scientists in Argentina have discovered a clutch of unhatched dinosaur eggs. The baby dinosaurs died in their eggs when a river flooded in Patagonia 80 million years ago. They come from the last and biggest family of long-necked, plant-eating sauropods.

Luis Chiappe, author of a study into the eggs due to appear in the journal Science, says the dinosaur nesting area was discovered in 1997. He says the embryos are from a sauropod type of dinosaur in a family group known as titanosaurs.

A member of this family group, argentinosaurs, lived 90 million years ago and is thought to be the largest animal ever to walk the earth – some 120 feet long and weighing more than 80 tons.

Isn’t that amazing.


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