Sinead O’Connor memoirs to dish ‘the sexual dirt on everyone [she’s] ever slept with’

The book will be released in March 2016

Sinead O’Connor has said that her memoirs will reveal “the sexual dirt on everyone [she’s] ever slept with”.

The as-yet-untitled memoirs will be released in March 2016 and will tell the story of the Irish singer’s life up until the release of this year’s ‘I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss’.

In a statement regarding the forthcoming release, states The Guardian, O’Connor revealed that she will go into detail about her personal life as well as her career. “I’ve never stopped expressing myself in my music, and now, with a book,” she said.


The book will be published by Penguin Ireland in the UK and in the US by Blue Rider Press – both imprints of the Penguin Group.

Blue Rider have stated that the book will cover the singer’s “turbulent upbringing in Ireland; her breakout as an artist with 1987’s ‘The Lion And The Cobra’ and her nine subsequent albums; her controversial opinions and actions, as well as her personal and musical struggles and triumphs, through the present day”.

O’Connor has openly admitted to suffering from depression and mental illness in the past, speaking candidly about the matter and the way females are treated with reference to it.

In a recent interview, she highlighted the gender equality between reactions to mental illness, stating that men are given “compassionate” support for the matter while women in the same situation are “mocked and buffooned”.


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