“He’d shite on”: Sinead O’Connor wants to outlive Bono so that he can’t speak at her funeral


Sinead O’Connor has poked fun at Bono by saying that she hopes to outlive him so that he can’t speak at her funeral.

The Irish singer posted a series of tweets, and some videos of her impersonating the U2 frontman, in which she explains her “#ReasonsToKeepLiving”.

“You wanna know what finally stops me whenever I feel suicidal (rarely) since 2016 (ain’t done anything silly since then) is the idea Bono might speak at my funeral”, she wrote.

O’Connor worried fans and friends in 2017 when she shared a video on Facebook telling viewers that she was suicidal.

The singer, who now calls herself Shuhada’ Davitt after converting to Islam recently, also posted flippant remarks about how Bono would “shite on” at her funeral.

And in a video she mimics Bono attempting to pronounce her new name: “‘Sinead, Magda, Shuhada’, what’s her name – oh wasn’t she just so much trouble?'”


She continues: “‘Girls are supposed to be beautiful and sexy and all of that stuff. But oh, didn’t we love her, national treasure – bleh.’ Reasons for living, definitely best reason for living. Must stay alive longer than Bono. Sorry Bono, but I couldn’t fucking resist.”

In other recent news, O’Connor said that she never wanted to spend time with white people again. The musician had referred to non-Muslims “disgusting” and called for society to “sit down and let women show you how to sing the devil to sleep”.

But on Saturday (November 10), she posted a video explaining that she made those claims in order to get her account removed because “fucking idiots” had been spamming her. “I decided to come back to Twitter as I love annoying the white supremacists that are now all over my page,” she says in the clip.

She adds: “I don’t really hate white people, it’s just the way I see it is Twitter would close my account if I said I did because they closed my account for saying I don’t like nuns murdering babies in Ireland.

“I was rather hoping they would close my page if I said I hated white people. But they didn’t.”