Singapore black metal band’s gig cancelled after complaint from church

The "pro-Satanic" group were due to perform in Kuala Lumpur over the Easter weekend

A Singapore black metal band have been forced to cancel their scheduled show due to complaints from the Council of Churches of Malaysia.

Devouror, who released their ‘Slay For Satan’ EP back in January, were due to take to the stage in Kuala Lumpur for the first time on Easter Sunday (April 21). However, the organisers of the gig have posted online to confirm it has been pulled.

“The cancellation of this event is not only a huge setback to us as the organiser in financial terms, but it has also caused many fans of extreme music to be denied their interest,” Goatlordth Records said in a Facebook statement yesterday (April 15).


“In this democratic country, we are all aware of our freedom to invest interest in almost anything. For some people, extreme music is the preferred channel,” they continued.

In light of what have already been made public, we are devastated that the Devouror’s Kuala Lumpur debut show has to…

Posted by Goatlordth Records on Monday, April 15, 2019

The message went on to hit out at the media’s portrayal of the genre, explaining that “‘Satan worshipping music’ is nothing more than just a connotation of arts”.

“As many other people like their horror movies gory, cheesy and bad, heavy metal or to be more appropriately put, ‘Extreme Music’ is equally meant to be expressive and provocative by its obscure fans,” they added.

“Many [fans] are also devoted followers of their religion(s) whom many others have massive respect for, as individuals. Therefore, to belittle the fans of extreme music with shameful judgment is a scrutiny of your own personal values.”


As reported by MalayMail, the CCM (Council of Churches of Malaysia) had complained about the planned show. Secretary-general Rev Hermen Shastri is said to have claimed that Devouror “prides itself” on allegedly anti-Christian and pro-Satanic lyrics.

See the full statement above along with the band’s track, ‘Atomic Crossfire’.

The five-piece band features the members Antichristo Xul, Shyaithan, Asura, Cryptor, and Dizazter.