Sir David Attenborough hails Glastonbury for plastic ban during surprise appearance

"We all belong to a continent after all, we all share planet Earth"

Sir David Attenborough has hailed Glastonbury Festival for banning single-use plastic bottles during a surprise appearance on the Pyramid Stage.

With his surprise appearance announced at the last minute just two hours before he took to the stage, the legendary nature expert drew one of the biggest crowds of the weekend.

During the three-minute address, Attenborough discussed the devastating impact of plastic upon the planet – and gave fans a brief glimpse of his latest documentary.


“There was one sequence from Blue Planet 2 which every seems to remember,” said Sir David. “It showed what plastic has done to the creatures that live in the ocean. It had an extraordinary effect and now this great festival has gone plastic free!”

“That is more than a million bottles of water which have not been drunk by you in plastic. Thank you, thank you! The oceans cover two thirds of this planet of ours. There’s one third which we occupy all the time, the land which only covers only one third of the globe.”

As talk then turned to his latest project, Attenborough revealed that Seven Worlds: One Planet will air later this year – focusing on “marvellous creatures, birds and mammals” across the globe.

“Seven Worlds, One Planet will resonate with audiences worldwide,” said Attenborough. “We all belong to a continent after all, we all share planet Earth.”


It was then followed by a clip of the upcoming show – which featured a new song, ‘Out There’ from Australian singer Sia and composer Hans Zimmer.

As well as having a huge procession led by the environmental group Extinction Rebellion, festival organiser Emily Eavis has also stated that the mission this year to fight for the planet.

“This is the year. Climate is top of the agenda, and it needs to be the top of the agenda if we’re going to make some serious fundamental changes,” she told NME. “

“We’re not selling plastic bottles this year. That’s the first mission that we’ve working on all year, and it is vast. If you want to buy water, then you can buy it in a can. I think most people will have reusable bottles so we’re not trying to sell more bottles, we’re just asking people to reuse them more. We’ve got water points everywhere you look. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk on site is that tap water is available everywhere. If you need to fill up, there will be a Water Aid kiosk wherever you are.”

She added: “I went to the Extinction Rebellion occupation of London with my kids, and I really wanted them to do something here. This is the perfect place for them to do something, because we’re essentially building a city and people need to come and live in it while being completely open-minded. People are open to changing the way they live when they re-enter the outside world. It’s a good place to campaign, join together, and send a message to the outside world?”

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