An R&B fight is brewing - bring it on!

After rumours of a reported rivalry which both artists have laughed at, R&B singer SISQO has launched an incredible verbal attack on USHER.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Sisqo claimed: “You think you’re the man, buddy. I’m the man. Usher cannot touch me. He ain’t even close.”

He went on: “I want everyone to know that no R&B artist can touch my skill. To this day, nobody can outsing me. I will sing anybody under the table.”

Sisqo‘s outburst should come as no surprise since he’s been bragging about his talent in a number of US publications during his promotion of his sophomore solo album, ‘Return Of Dragon’. Talking to Time Out New York, the singer openly derided up-and-coming nu classic soul artist Bilal, quipping: “Is that a dude or a chick? He sounds a little feminine here. You gotta have a little ruggedness. Even Prince got a little bass in his joint when he goes low.”

However, Sisqo‘s comments haven’t endeared him to music fans – his new Stateside single ‘Can I Live’ entered the US Billboard R&B and hiphop charts at Number 97.

Many believe the source of Sisqo‘s arrogance stems from the success of last year’s ‘Thong Song’ smash from his ‘Unleash The Dragon’ solo debut, which shifted four million copies but didn’t win the coveted Grammy for Best Song.

He said: “‘The Thong Song’ was one of the biggest songs of last year, and I still lose to Destiny’s Child. But when you ask anyone which Destiny’s Child song won, they don’t know. How can a song you can’t name win?”

Usher released the second single, ‘U Remind Me’ from his forthcoming third solo album, ‘8701’ on Monday (June 25). Sisqo‘s new single, ‘Dance 4 Me’ will be released on July 2.