You've got it all thong, ha ha...

BILLBOARD-award winner SISQO has revealed that despite the numerous rumours and expectation that there will now be NO new DRU HILL album in the near future.

Speaking to [url=]www.mtv.com, Sisqo blamed the inaction on “..typical group stuff. Egos clashed and we couldn’t figure it out and pull it together.” This means that fans will have to content themselves with the two Dru albums currently on the stands, their self-titled debut and 1998’s ‘Enter The Dru’.

Not one to squander an opportunity, Sisqo also revealed that he is in the studio working on the follow up to his highly successful solo album, ‘Unleash The Dragon’, and the good news is that ‘Return Of The Dragon’ will be out in the Spring.

Insiders suspect that Dru Hill have made a wise choice in deciding against a comeback in the same year as Jodeci, a group they all admit influenced and shaped them. And ever cautious of the changing tide of musical popularity, Sisqo has also announced the creation of his own clothing range, Dragon Collection which you can add to your Wu Wear, Sean John and Phat Farm apparel.