European dates cancelled as he gets busted for grass...

Reggae artist Sizzla has been arrested in Jamaica for possession of grass.

Sizzla, real name Miguel Collins, cancelled his European tour dates after the arrest at the weekend. He wasn’t scheduled to play the UK.

The 22-year-old artist, whose last album was ‘Royal Son Of Ethiopia’, was jailed when police in Kingston found him smoking reefer.


A spokeswoman for Sizzla confirmed the arrest had been made, but she could not confirm if charges had been made.

She said: “He’s basically been arrested for smoking weed, which does sound a little ridiculous.

Sizzla‘s very outspoken against the Government. We’ve heard this arrest may have something do with his views.”

For Rastafarians, the smoking of marijuana is used as part of religious ceremonies and as a symbol of defiance against the ‘White Babylon’ culture that made its use illegal.

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